About us

The Executive Officers of CompSoc exist to manage and run the society. They are passionate about teaching, putting on events for the society and ensuring it is a fun place for all who are enthused about technology.

A photograph of Tom Nudd

Tom Nudd


In charge of overseeing everything in the society and reaching out to sponsors.

A photograph of Disha Gupta

Disha Gupta

Events Officer

Works with sponsors and guest speakers to organise talks and workshops.

A photograph of Olivia Hampshire

Olivia Hampshire

Finance Officer

Manages CompSoc's finances.

A photograph of Heidi Januszewski

Heidi Januszewski

Media & Publicity Officer

In charge of the website content, social media, the mailing list, and promoting the society around the university.

A photograph of Ethan Waite

Ethan Waite

Technical Web Officer

Works with the Publicity Officer to manage the technical side of the website.

A photograph of Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas


Responsible for working with sponsors and other organisations to ensure CompSoc runs smoothly, handling contracts and paperwork.