CompSoc AGM

CompSoc's Annual General Meeting was conducted between 00:00 and 23:59 on the 15th March 2021. Your new exec for 2021/2022 was chosen, and a full breakdown of the results is now available.


Tom Nudd

Hi, I'm Tom and running for re-election as CompSoc President! I have served as President over the last year and Publicity Officer over the previous year.

Over the last year, I have helped CompSoc navigate the transition to digital events. Last summer, I spearheaded our first digital game jam, DurJam, which I hope to run again in the coming months. Since then, I have organised a range of workshops, socials, and sponsor events throughout the year, and hope to continue these when in-person events return.

Despite the pandemic, I have secured new sponsorship and increased CompSoc's income. I would like to use this income to help provide higher-quality events and introduce CompSoc stash. Having attended 24 hackathons in various capacities, I believe in encouraging CompSoc members to participate in hackathons and would re-introduce the Hackathon Reimbursement Fund for travel expenses when in-person events safely return.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or email me (!


Steve Thomas

Hi everyone! I'm Steve, a third-year Computer Science student, and I believe I have a lot of experience to bring to the role of Secretary.

My organisational qualities have shone through as a Workshop Facilitator for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, having to organise and lead two-day hackathons, and I was a President of a local youth club for over 2 years.

I also have a great deal of experience working in a team. I am part of a Durham student start-up, Internly, which has won various rounds of funding from the university and has seen fantastic success in its maiden year. As part of this, I have established a connection with 50+ recruiters and I hope to host a variety of events with these recruiters during my tenure.

With me as Secretary, you can hope to see more internship/grad job application support and networking events with Early Careers recruiters from a wide variety of companies. I will also strive to increase the number of workshops we have throughout the year, allowing you to build your skills with new technologies.

CompSoc Finance Officer

Olivia Hampshire

I've been DUWiT's finance officer for this year and I've really enjoyed it. I'm really passionate about computer science and I think being involved with CompSoc as a member of the exec would be a great experience.

Events Officer

Disha Gupta

I would like to be Events Officer so I can help arrange educational talks and social events with potential networking opportunities. I would love to be able to have many events next year to make up for the lack this year.

I think I will be suited for this role as I have planned events in the past and I would love to attend CompSoc events so I understand what they need to be like to be well liked!

Media & Publicity Officer

Heidi Januszewski

Hi all, I'm running to be Media and Publicity Officer this year and would really appreciate your vote! I was Finance Officer last year and therefore know a lot about how the society works. In fact, I actually ended up doing a lot of publicity since we didn't have a Publicity Officer last year! I also created a lot of media for DurJam - our first entirely-online hackathon that we ran last summer - such as our logo and other advertisements that I posted on social media. I really enjoyed both experiences and would love to do more publicity as an official position in CompSoc. This year, I would aim to improve the society's efficiency by sending out our emails more regularly and also by posting on social media more, which will make CompSoc look more professional. I also enjoy art a lot and would like to update the Facebook cover photo and logo in order to give the society a new look.

Web Officer

Ethan Waite

Hi, I’m Ethan! I’m a soon-to-be fourth year CS student, and I’d love to be your CompSoc Web Officer. This year, I’ve had the pleasure of creating the website for CompSoc’s 96-hour Summer Game Jam at, during which I ran a Git workshop, delivered the Closing Ceremony, and helped to organise the event.

I created the current CompSoc website at, and beyond that, I built the website, event platform, and livestreaming system for DurHack 2020, at

Despite CompSoc being forced online this year, I have helped to run our Monday sessions on Zoom, which includes some socials and my own Web Development workshop. I was also part of CompSoc’s participation in the Virtual Freshers’ Fair, where I delivered our promotional video and took part in the Teams meetings for prospective members.

This year, with everything (hopefully) returning a bit closer to normal, I hope to refocus on making CompSoc’s own website more useful, by keeping it up-to-date with what’s going on and making sure that we’re using it alongside our social media channels to promote the opportunities that CompSoc members have. Ultimately, I want to take CompSoc’s website beyond being a marketing tool for prospective students, and become something that existing members feel like they want to frequent.

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver workshops in Electron & Websockets, in REST APIs, and in AWS, but I’d love to deliver even more workshops in the upcoming academic year. I love all things JavaScript (including TypeScript, Node.js, React), and work professionally with tools like Docker/Kubernetes that I’d love to be able to incorporate.